The Benefits of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty


September 23, 2021


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Many people are unhappy with their noses, either for functional or aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a common choice for folks who want to correct a deviated septum or smooth out a bump. As you consider whether the procedure is right for you, get educated on some of the benefits of cosmetic rhinoplasty. Allergy & ENT Associates can answer your questions and help you make your decision with confidence.

Improved Breathing

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is just that—a cosmetic procedure—but after you’ve healed, you may find yourself breathing more freely. Even if you weren’t concerned about it before, improving the symmetry of your nose will open up both of your nostrils equally. You may also notice a slight change in your voice and speak with a less nasal tone.

Boosted Confidence

When you’re happy with your face, you’re happier to show it off! You’re more likely to make a better first impression when you’re confident. People also tend to be more attracted to symmetrical faces. Walk with your chin up and your best foot forward as you get accustomed to your newly shaped nose. You might even find your career improving as you work with your newly boosted confidence.

Corrected Injuries

If your nose got knocked to the side during a spirited game of volleyball, cosmetic rhinoplasty can put it back the way it was. Allergy & ENT Associates is the top provider of plastic surgery in Houston, TX, and our surgeons can correct the nose to look like it used to. You can also discuss aesthetic options with your surgeon if you’d like a change.

Sinus Relief

While cosmetic rhinoplasty is primarily an aesthetic procedure, it can come with some great side effects! When your nose is straightened and your nostrils open up, you may experience less pressure in your sinuses. Those pesky headaches could be a thing of the past after your rhinoplasty surgery.

Maybe you’ve never thought of a “nose job” as much more than an aesthetic choice, but cosmetic rhinoplasty comes with many benefits. A more symmetrical face can boost your self-esteem and get you breathing more freely. Look no further than Allergy & ENT Associates for top-quality plastic surgery in Houston, TX. There are multiple benefits of cosmetic rhinoplasty; it could be the choice for you!

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