The Hearing Test: Myths and Facts


December 29, 2014


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The thought of hearing loss is a scary prospect.  Many people put off having their hearing tested for a fear of the results.  Random advice from well-meaning loved ones may only compound these unnecessary jitters.  Have you found yourself in a similar situation?  If so, then take a minute to read through the most common hearing test myths, brought to you by Allergy and ENT Associates.  Armed with the correct information, you will be better prepared to move forward with a hearing evaluation.

Debunking Common Hearing Loss Myths 

Myth:  Hearing loss is actually very rare.
Fact:  Approximately 3 in 1,000 babies are born with permanent hearing loss, making hearing loss one of the most common birth defects in America.

Myth: There is no need to deal with hearing loss until you are ready.
Fact: Intervention is crucial.  Research has shown that hearing loss can have a negative impact on a child’s psychological and social development; it can also cause a delay in speech and other cognitive abilities.  In an adult, untreated hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal, impaired memory, reduced job performance, stress, and depression.

Myth: Hearing can be tested at home with loud noises, such as banging pots together or loudly clapping the hands.
Fact: Even with a hearing impairment, children may be startled by loud noises, or respond to some sounds.  The only way to have a definitive diagnosis for hearing loss will be through a evaluation with a Licensed Audiologist.

Myth: People rarely develop hearing loss without the presence of a risk factor.
Fact: Anyone can suffer from hearing loss, no matter age, race, or gender.  More than ½ of all babies born with hearing loss have no risk factors.

Myth: Babies under one year of age cannot wear a hearing aid, so there is no rush for a diagnosis.
Fact:  Children as young as one month old can potentially wear a hearing device.  Once a diagnosis has been made, your audiologist will explain all of the available treatment options.

Parents are the group most likely to fear the hearing screening process, as they can have a difficult time identifying the early warning signs or do not understand their child’s risk factors.  Unfortunately, this can leave parents slow to seek help.  If you know someone struggling with hearing loss, encourage they make an appointment with an experienced audiologist as soon as possible.

Audiology Specialists in Houston 

Allergy and ENT Associates’ Centers for Advanced Audiology understands that coming to terms with a pending hearing problem can be terrifying, but once diagnosed, a solution can be determined.  We are the largest allergy, asthma, and ENT practice in the state of Texas, as well as home to one of the area’s top audiologists, Dr. Clayleene Odom.  For more information on hearing loss, or to schedule a private hearing evaluation, contact our Woodlands Town Center office at 281.364.1001.

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