Did you know that roughly 10–30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the U.S. suffer from allergies? There are a wide variety of allergens that cause allergies—from plants, weeds, grass, and trees to household pets, medications, insect stings, and food. One of the most common places to go for daily allergy treatment and care is your local ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), allergist, or asthma specialist at Allergy & ENT Associates. An ENT doctor is a surgical physician who specializes in resolving structural problems involving the head, face, nose, throat, and voice box. While an ENT focuses on surgical fixes, an allergist or immunologist is an expert physician regarding diagnosing allergic inflammatory conditions of the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, and lungs. Allergists help correct these inflammatory conditions without requiring surgery. For more information on whether you need an ENT, allergist, or asthma specialist’s services, keep reading to find out which doctor is the best fit for your symptoms.

When To See an ENT

Did you know that while ear, nose, and throat doctors are commonly referred to as ENTs, their specific title is actually an otolaryngologist? Their specialty training deals with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat—that includes related areas of the head and neck. ENT specialists are experts in the surgical and medical management of:

  • Ear: Consult with an ENT if you are experiencing any of the following conditions: ear infections, hearing loss, balance disorders (vertigo), pain in your ear, or ringing in the ears (tinnitus). With their specific training, an ENT will manage and treat any ear issues in a timely manner and can even aid in any disorders that a patient may be born with.
  • Nose: For the management and treatment of issues affecting the nose, sinuses, and nasal cavity, consult with an ENT, as those issues may have a long-term effect on your breathing, smell, or physical appearance.
  • Throat: If you experience difficulties with eating, swallowing, digestion, speech, and even singing, contact a local ENT to schedule a consultation and see what treatment or management options you have.
  • Head and Neck: ENT doctors don’t just aid in ear nose and throat treatments; they’re also trained to do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the event of cancerous tumors, deformities, trauma, or diseases of the neck, face, and head. They can also help manage problems with nerves in the head and neck controlling smell, sight, hearing, and facial movements.

Common Reasons To See an ENT

There is a myriad of reasons for seeing an ENT specialist; some are common, and some are more uncommon. Whether you find yourself with issues in your ear, nose, throat, or head and neck, you should always stay on the safe side and consult a specialist. Check out the most common reasons to visit your ENT specialist:

  • Ear infection
  • Hearing impairment
  • Dizziness and balance issues
  • Breathing problems originating in nose or throat
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Nerve problems, pain, or injury to your ears, nose, or throat
  • Deviated septum
  • Swallowing or voice problems
  • Cancer and tumors in the head and neck
  • Tinnitus
  • Cleft palate
  • And more

Specialty Treatments & Procedures

ENTs are trained to treat in a surgical and non-surgical capacity depending on the diagnosis of their patient. Surgery is not always necessary to treat symptoms, but on some occasions, a procedure is the only option to treat a patient’s symptoms or condition. Whether you find yourself with sinus, asthma, or allergy symptoms, Allergy & ENT Associates can help!

Common treatments for sinus disease and nasal obstructions include:

ENTs are also certified to perform some facial plastic surgery procedures, including:

When To See an Allergist

Many people suffer year after year with allergy symptoms that can impact their quality of life. There is, however, a simple solution to your allergy problem: Schedule a visit to your local board-certified allergists at Allergy & ENT Associates. Allergists and immunologists are specifically trained to diagnose, treat, and manage any type of allergic inflammation through non-surgical methods.

When you decide to visit one of our convenient locations throughout the Houston area, our allergen specialists can help you:

  • Control allergies or asthma that interfere with everyday life
  • Decrease the need for daily medications to treat allergies or asthma
  • Find alternatives to antihistamines, decongestants, and over-the-counter medications that don’t control symptoms or create unacceptable side effects, like drowsiness or nervousness
  • Treat an infant or child with eczema
  • Define potential triggers of your allergic symptoms or asthma

Common Signs To See an Allergist

There are no stereotypical symptoms of allergies; they can manifest in various ways in different individuals. Some people could have an allergic reaction and not even be aware of it, while others have a severe reaction. Here are some signs that you should make an appointment with an allergist:

  • Cold symptoms that persist for more than two weeks
  • Cough that will not go away
  • Itchy, red, and watery eyes
  • Allergic reaction caused by food, insect sting, or medication
  • Asthma warning signs – shortness of breath, wheezing, frequent cough (especially at night or after exercise), and chest tightness
  • More than three ear, sinus, throat, or lung infections in a year
  • Allergic rashes, such as hives and contact sensitivities
  • Increase of allergy symptoms after a new pet comes home
  • Sinus or facial pressure

Allergy Types

When it comes to allergens, there are many variations of causes. Some of the most common triggers of allergies are pollen, foods, dust, dander, bug bites and stings, animal dander, mold, medications, latex, and more. There are also seasonal triggers that are stronger depending on where you live. And, lastly, there are environmental allergies caused by indoor allergen triggers, such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, and more.

Learn the major symptoms of allergies to make it easier to know when you need to see a specialist. 

How Can Allergy & ENT Associates Help?

Allergy & ENT Associates provides expert treatment and management for all of your ENT, allergy, and asthma needs throughout the greater Houston, Texas, area. We take pride in offering advanced treatment options, an experienced surgical team, and knowledgeable physicians that work with you to find the ideal solution. Our board-certified professionals strive to create a seamless way to diagnose, treat, and manage your ENT, allergy, asthma, audiology, and sinus issues. We aim to deliver outstanding and top-quality care for our patients in every single location in Texas. If you would like more information on our ENT, allergy, and asthma services, please call our central appointment desk at (713) MY-SINUS or (713) 697-4687 and schedule an appointment with one of our ENT, allergist, or asthma specialists today.